Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been meaning to upload a picture of this for a while, but I kept forgetting. It's a neckwarmer. SUPER simple, and fun to make. I've been thinking I might make a some more to sell on Etsy if I can generate some interest.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Snowflake Mittens

I wanted a pair of fingerless gloves for myself, but my fingers get cold all the time. This was my solution. I've seen this idea before but I made the pattern myself. This is just a modified mitten pattern that has a little pocket that comes over your fingers. Fully knitted. A little loop on the end allows you to button back the finger cover when you aren't using it.

Later, Jess

Friday, January 14, 2011

Star Wars Hat

Here is an picture of Luke Skywalker for comparison. Work in progress
I would probably consider myself a geek. I grew up watching Star Trek and I love Star Wars, but I don't think I would have ever done this project on my own. I did this "hat" for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He thought it would be cool to have a "Rebel Alliance Helmet" as a winter cap. So I crocheted him one. The entire hat is crocheted with the exception of some stitching I did on the detail, and some embroidery I did for the "V" symbols on the side and the design over the ear. It was a little late for Christmas, but it came with a neat little needle felted helmet Christmas ornament. (Maybe, I'll upload pictures of this later). If I would ever do it again to sell on Etsy or for anyone else, I would probably change a couple things, but I'm really happy with the way it came, out, and I think he is too.

Later, Jess

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bobble Beanie

the back.
Work in progress of the inside.
Work in progress of the top.

My first project finished project of the new year. This project was a hat that I promised my friend Liz a while ago and she finally got it for Christmas. It's a combination of both crochet, with a knitted trim.

I think it came out really well, and Liz really enjoyed it.

Also, if you look closely on the first picture, you can see some Christmas stockings I had sewn for my boyfriend and I. :)

Later, Jess